The Issue

  • The Colorado Foundation for Water Education (CFWE) is a non-profit organization that secured funding for a four-year strategic marketing plan.
  • The plan needed to devise ways for the organization to expand their reach from water management professionals to adjacent groups with water involvement across the state such as agriculture, water conservation and water education in K-12 schools.


  • A strategic planning meeting was held with the staff and key board members to determine and refine long-term goals and objectives.
  • The marketing plan established baseline metrics in the first year and established a marketing foundation that built upon itself over the four years.
  • The internal team needed to be able to execute the marketing plan, but Volition Strategies did a 3- and 6-month check-in to make sure the plan was working as intended and to help make adjustments.


  • The marketing plan was able to be executed by the internal team and they made necessary reports to the board on progress based on the established baselines.
  • The team simplified the membership structure and improved incentives based on the marketing plan recommendation. This made it easier to on-board new members outside of the water management profession who were not as familiar with the Colorado Foundation for Water Education.
  • Volition Strategies was engaged to assist the Colorado Foundation for Water Education on a statewide initiative, Colorado Water 2012, as a result of the marketing strategy work.

Apply it to Your Company

  • Strategic marketing and communications planning
  • Strategic website content strategy (design done by the Foundation)
  • Email marketing plan
  • Baseline metrics outlined
  • Target audience member prioritization and key messaging