The Issue

  • IEP Technology is a clean tech company producing clean electricity, heat, power and water using in situ solid oxide fuel cells.
  • IEP Technology is in the final proof-of-concept stages and is looking for press coverage, financial backing and public policy acceptance of their fuel cells as renewable energy within the renewable energy standard.


  • Created a credibility website that had a modern, responsive design; communicated the technology; helped the pre-revenue company establish a presence for media outreach follow-up.
  • Initiated media interviews primarily with trade publications in the fuel cell and energy fields.
  • Initiated public policy conversations with local utilities, environmental NGOs and associations, and state public policymakers.
  • Promoted key technology milestones and partnerships with Delphi Corporation, Colorado School of Mines and Total Petroleum of France.


  • Numerous placements in trade publications and broadcasts.
  • Perhaps more importantly, introduced and established key relationships with the Colorado Energy Office, the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade, Department of Natural Resources, major local utilities and influential associations and environmental watchdog organizations.
  • Tours arranged and promoted at a global symposium led to key meetings with potential key partners.

Apply it to Your Company

Strategic media relations can help increase awareness of the industry and potential partners to your company, product and service. Establishing relationships with federal, state and local officials can help certain brands advance their business needs.

  • Web design and copywriting
  • Marketing collateral: sales sheets and company overview