* Note: This strategy work done for COHN, Inc.

The Issue

  • Lend Lease Americas is a global construction company wanting to create and expand their solar installations in the United States.
  • Solar Services was a brand new division within a large, well-structured organization that needed to find its own voice and gain credibility both internally and externally.
  • The new division had nice traction in military housing projects where Lend Lease Americas is strong generally, but wanted to expand into commercial installations to grow their market.


  • The brand research and strategy was developed similarly to the previous examples.
  • Brand Discovery with key team leadership members helped to align the business strategy for the brand development. Discovery included talking with key stakeholders within Lend Lease and outside of the organization to truly understand their strengths and key challenges.
  • Brand strategy development outlined the key value propositions that Lend Lease Solar Services would use to launch and build their brand internally and externally.


  • The visionary and dynamic leadership of the Solar Services division was able to get their newly assembled team armed with consistent and compelling key messaging.
  • Initial, top-level launch recommendations were given to the internal marketing team and were executed – including internal brand awareness and training specifically with the Lend Lease Americas nationwide sales team.

Apply it to Your Company

  • Brand research uncovers new insights and facilitates the creation of messaging that resonates with target audiences.
  • Ideally, a brand process would be one of the first steps of the marketing function to align business goals with target audiences and key messages.
  • Create and properly launch an entrepreneurial division or department within your larger organization.