* Note: This strategy work done while employed by COHN, Inc.

The Issue

  • Arrow Electronics needed to name and position an entirely new reverse logistics business unit to complement their forward logistics business.
  • Arrow Electronics had recognized two things at the beginning of the decade. First, their main global competitor was embarking on an aggressive growth through acquisition strategy. Second, regulatory risks were threatening customer growth and innovation in the form of required electronic take-back programs.
  • Arrow made their own big play into IT asset disposition (ITAD) by acquiring companies that would not just grow their business, but grow them into an entirely new market.


  • Brand Discovery was conducted including a discovery session with both the Arrow Electronics leadership team and the leadership team from a major acquisition in the ITAD space.  This information plus competitive analysis and general ITAD research led to the development of the pillars of the brand strategy, which focused on the dual values of environmental responsibility and financial recovery in an electronic product’s lifecycle.
  • Created an external positioning statement (tagline) and logo to launch their new reverse distribution service.
  • The name, Re:Solve, and positioning statement, “Forward Thinking. Reverse Logistics,” remained business focused, while the color palette brought in the visual cue for being more environmentally minded.


  • Re:Solve by Arrow had a clear name, tagline and brand message for both its internal and external launch. Internally, the team aligned with the new business unit. This was crucial as Arrow acquired and combined many companies, names and cultures to create this new division. Externally, clear language was created to introduce the reverse logistics concept globally.
  • In 2010, prior to the reverse logistics launch, Arrow’s ECS Business Unit posted $4.9 billion in revenues. In 2013, those revenues exceeded $7 billion.

Apply it to Your Company

Launching a new product or service is more than a logo and tagline. When supported by a brand strategy, these elements carry more meaning.

  • Brand strategy
  • Naming
  • Logo development
  • Internal brand education and launch recommendations